The three wisemen find Jesus and present earthly gifts

The three wise men were able to locate Jesus with the guidance of the Comet or Star. Why would a Star guide them though? It showed that these men had important roles to play in the life of Jesus.

Why would they have been guided from such far away places so that they could locate Jesus? Why would they have been prompted to make such a long and arduous journey?

They found Jesus alright as they had been guided to do. They offered earthly gifts in the form of Frankincence, Gold and Myrrh. They offered earthly gifts and then went their way again?

This does not to make any sense. Why come all the way and then just offer gifts and then depart again.

Could these wise men have had a greater role to play in the life of Jesus? Could they have offered to take Jesus with them and offer Him the protection that He sorely needed? Could they have taken Jesus into their kingdoms so that He would grow up sheltered to await the beginning of His Mission?

Coming all the way to find Him and then offering earthly gifts does not make much sense unless one thinks of it in this sense of the greater role they ought to have played in the life of Jesus.

In fact, the immediate events after they left showed the importance of the protection they should have provided. Jesus was pursued and His life was threatened by Herod who massacred the Innocents.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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