The Word of Jesus

The primary reason for the Coming of Jesus to this earth was to give the Word of the Father. He came here to teach the Word of the Father and the Laws of the Father. He came to teach us how the world works. He came to show us the structure of creation, the nature of man and the Nature of God.

He came to show us and to teach us how to behave and how to understand ourselves and the entire creation. In short, His Mission was a teaching Mission. To teach mankind who they really were and how they should adjust to the Laws of God so that we would adjust ourselves accordingly to the Laws and avoid spiritual and earthly suffering.

He came to point the way back to God. He told us to change our ways for the better. To become better human beings. That way we become pleasing to God and then our lives would be happy and trouble-free.

His Word was the Truth out of our spiritual darkness and confusion. Freedom from the yoke of suffering and dogma and spiritual slavery.

Unfortunately, He was opposed right from the very beginning by those who were already in power as priests and who pretended to serve God. They used the earthly power in their hands to oppose the Word and Works of the Lord and finally bring Him to the Cross.

His death therefore was a consequence of the envy and hatred harboured towards Him by those who held religious positions and who felt threatened by His activities among the people.

With His Word Jesus encouraged people to show love towards one another which was something sorely lacking among mankind and this is still the case today unfortunately. It was this love that was and still is the surest way back to God. One would not be able to harm one’s fellow man in any way if we had the kind of love that Jesus demanded of us.

This Word then was the most important and the real reason for His coming to this earth.


In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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