Jesus’ Miracles

Jesus performed deeds and miracles that had never been performed before by anyone. These deeds were meant to arouse people from their spiritual sleep. They were meant to make people wonder and look out for Him.

On meeting Him they would then hear His Word. These deeds were meant to bring people to Jesus so that they might hear what He had to say. On hearing His Word they would then come across their salvation which laid in the Word of Jesus.

The Word which He brought was the most important. The Word was meant to be listened to and absorbed within. Then acting according to this Word the hearers would change themselves for the better, thereby releasing themselves from the clutches of the darkness within them.

Anyone who could perform the kind of miracles that Jesus performed had to come from God. They were miracles of good deeds that could only have come from Someone directly linked to God. This was then the way back to God through listening to the Word of Jesus and acting accordingly.

So the miracles were manifold acts of mercy not just for those who were healed but also for those who were witnesses to these miracles. They were beautiful and they worked wonders in the souls of those who were open to receive these experiences.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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