Jesus and the Pharisees, the Scribes and the Sadducees

Jesus’ most ardent enemies were the members of the priestly class. The leaders of the then religion did not like what Jesus had to say. Jesus, with His Teaching undermined them and was a threat to their authority, income and prestige.

At every opportune moment they opposed Him and sought to slander Him. The fact that many people now flocked to Jesus and followed Him weakened their power and influence and also their income because now the Temple offerings were not as forthcoming as before.

They were also afraid of being labelled false teachers and leaders. It was this vanity of being called false among other things that led to their attacks. The irony though is that these people actually professed to be servants of God. If indeed they were servants of God in the true sense they should indeed have welcomed the Son of God into their midst with happiness and joy.

The fact that they opposed Him from the very start is indicative that in reality they were not servants of God but only pretended to serve God. They only served their own vanity and arrogance. They were only interested in the power and influence and authority that their positions in society afforded them. They were not interested in the well-being of the souls of their parishioners.

These were men of the intellect who had ironically reached a point where they could not understand the higher spiritual concepts explained by the Son of God. It is ironic because they should have been best placed to understand Jesus. Jesus still felt the need to choose His disciples outside of these priestly class because He could find no one that He could choose among them.

It was a devastating judgement and indictment on these priests by God Who gave His own judgement on these priests by choosing His disciples outside their ranks.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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