Jesus and His disciples

Jesus Christ chose His disciples carefully. He chose them among the common men so that these could explain His Word to the common man in a way that these could understand.

Additionally, these disciples were simple men who had not distorted themselves through excessive learning in schools. Learnedness would have destroyed their ability to receive in simplicity from Jesus into their spirits without the interferring intellect.

Jesus needed simple men of spirit who could absorb His Message as He wanted it and transmit this Message to others undistorted and not dissected by the brain and the intellect.

It is very important to make this distinction as there is a logic to what Jesus did in His choice of disciples. To receive from the Light our spirits have to be open and we have to be humble and simple enough for this. On the other hand, an overburdened and overdeveloped intellect receives nothing from the spiritual and as such cannot transmit anything either.

These disciples then were the right mix for what Jesus wanted to impart and to transmit to mankind through them.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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