Who opposed Jesus’ Teaching?

It is often instructive to hear the self-righteousness with which many devout Christians speak today and how they look down upon other people of a different belief or those who they consider not to be so devout.

The pride and esteem in which they hold themselves is often so glaring and so out of place that if they only knew a little bit of the spiritual history of mankind and especially the history of the way Jesus fared when He was on earth then that pride would dissolve into nothingness and be replaced by burning shame.

Our Lord Jesus was furiously opposed by members of organised religion. They were His most ardent enemies and the very ones who advocated for His arrest and demise. They were the ones who brought Him to the Cross and were his most intractable adversaries.

They were the ones who showed the most hatred for Jesus and worked tirelessly for His destruction. It is organised religion that was to blame for all the suffering inflicted upon the Son of God and all His horrible experiences among mankind.

Our Lord Jesus’ earth life was fraught with enormous difficulties and His path was made extremely difficult by these same people who pretended to serve God and who made themselves out to be the servants and representatives of God on earth.

Jesus Christ the Savior Who was sent by God to bring enlightenment was not recognised and accepted by members of His own religion who should have been the ones to recognise Him and welcome Him. This is really strange and ironic.

If they indeed had been serving the Almighty God in truth they would have recognised Jesus and welcomed Him with open arms and joy.

The fact that this was not the case showed that they were not true servants of God but they only served themselves in their craving for power and importance and earthly influence.

This simply shows that organised religion cannot be trusted to be the right guiding force when it comes to spiritual matters. This is indeed strange to observe as they should have been the ones that we should have been able to reliably turn to in all spiritual matters.

Organised religion and their representatives have never in the history of mankind proven to be reliable advocates of the true Word of God. Organised religion and their representatives have never harboured an Envoy of God joyfully in their midst and have never pointed out an Envoy of God and His TeachingsĀ for us human beings to follow.

Since this is the case in all history it is safe to assume that this is still the case even today. Organised religion, even today cannot be relied upon to guide us and show us the right way back to God or be relied upon to point to an Envoy from God when such an Envoy arrives.

It can be reliably averred that organised religion and their representatives have the same aims that they have always had, which is that of earthly influence, expansion and power. These aims have never differed throughout history and as such we can reliably assume that this time also they will fail to recognise and accept an Envoy from God if He were to come among mankind today at the present time.

Knowing this it is all the more imperative for the individual to be on the look out himself for this Envoy from God and not to rely on any organised religious representatives to point this Envoy out. Every individual is on his or her own in this matter and we must on our own make the effort to be on the look out for the Bridegroom when He comes.

Organised religion and its representatives cannot be reliably expected to recognise this Bridegroom and point Him out. This failure can be spiritually fatal as we run the risk of spiritual perdition if we miss the Bridegroom when He comes.

This warning must not be taken lightly. May the Lord give us the strength to be independent in our thinking. Amen.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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