The betrayal of JesusĀ 

After numerous attempts at slander directed at Jesus, which did not succeed, His enemies, who were the religious leaders at the time finally found someone who was willing to betray his Master, Judas.

Judas had lofty earthly plans for Jesus. He wanted to crown Jesus, king of the Jews and he himself to enjoy all the benefits of this position as an adviser to the king Jesus.

Jesus, however, had told His disciples so many times that His Kingdom was not of this earth. He had no intention of being crowned an earthly king. He had made this known so many times. In spite of all this, Judas could not get the idea of Jesus as an earthly king out of his head.

When Jesus finally rejected his offers, the disappointment grew in Judas and his anger at Jesus finally led him to commit the unthinkable – the betrayal of his Master.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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