The Ascension of Jesus Christ the Son of God

After Jesus had finished His Mission with His disciples and upon His appearance after His earthly death, He was seen ascending to Heaven as He spoke to His disciples.

Present day Christian doctrines have said that the Lord ascended to Heaven in His physical body. Why the early Christian fathers thought that this was necessary is beyond any thinking person. Additionally, the events that preceded all this showed that Jesus was not in His physical body.

His walk to Emmaus, His ability to enter into rooms without opening doors etc were signs that He had been transformed and no longer was inhabiting His physical body.

It was the need to keep on perpetuating the idea that Christ resurrected in His physical body that made the early fathers of the Church follow this route so as to make their stories consistent. However, these stories do not conform to the truth and to any logical observation of the interactions of Jesus with His disciples after His earthly death and also of His ascension.

He did not resurrect in His physical body as attested to by the events of His interactions with His disciples after His death and also did not ascend to Heaven in His physical body when He was ascending. He ascended to Heaven to sit at the Right Hand of God in His spiritual body.

This makes far more sense than the dogma which has been so rigidly compiled that it left no room for logical reasoning and the exposition of the Truth. It just had to be believed without any questions and any logical reasoning.

This is the mark of blind faith. Whatever is with God is logical and makes sense. Whatever is with God is natural, and nature makes sense and can be understood. Whatever is with God can be reasoned about and explained and understood clearly.

There is no room for blind faith when it comes to affairs relating to God. We do God great injustice by acting and thinking this way. We try and belittle Him with all these childish ideas and magical thinking. There is no need for it and God is even greater when all the logical steps are laid before the human spirit.

So Jesus died like all must die, naturally and appeared to His disciples on the third day in His spiritual body, hence the fact that He was not recognised by His disciples. He was able to go into rooms without needing to open doors and He ascended to Heaven in this spiritual body.

This makes far more sense and there was no need for all the dogma of physical resurrection and physical ascension to Heaven. There is no need at all for all that as those are unnecessary events and unnatural and uncalled for.

The glory to God and to Jesus is greater with the natural explanation of events. It is simple and true and stimulates independent thinking and frees us from the errors of blind faith.

Let us take all these to heart when we think about all these matters.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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