On the Way to Emmaus

It is striking that Jesus walked for many hours among His disciples without them recognising Him. Jesus, Who before His death would have been recognised at once was not recognised at all for many hours while He walked and conversed with His disciples.

It appears no one has bothered to explain this because no one knows what to make of it. This is, however, critical to the whole discussion about the transition of our Lord Jesus.

Why was He not recognised? How was this even remotely possible? We even have accounts of Him now being able to enter into rooms without opening doors, something He never did before His physical death.

The answer to this is simple but it is an answer that the leaders of the Church did not want to face or believe or acknowledge. Jesus was in His ethereal body when all these events happened. He resurrected in His ethereal body. This ethereal body is different from the physical one hence the inability of the disciples to recognise Jesus immediately.

His ability to also walk into rooms without openings doors would also make sense if one realises that now in His ethereal body He would be able to do this because this ethereal body is of a finer material, now being able to go through walls, doors etc. This is entirely natural.

It is this natural explanation that must not be denied or covered up by anyone as it is the truth. It explains everything without expressions or declarations of blind faith. It is easily understandable and feels right and clears up this mystery.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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