The temptation of Jesus Christ

Right before the commencement of His Mission, the Adversary approached Jesus in order to tempt and divert Him. He wanted to tempt Jesus to do something rash that would harm Him.

Jesus was burning with love for mankind and was itching to start the Work that He had been assigned by the Father. In His love for mankind He was ready to approach them to bring the Word. It was at this point, just when Jesus was vulnerable in terms of His eagerness to approach mankind that the Tempter approached.

At that very point the Divinity in Jesus Christ shone forth the more and He rebuffed the Darkness. Jesus had total victory and He was then ready to approach His Mission in the way He saw fit in accordance with the Laws of His Father.

Yielding to any of the temptations would have seriously harmed the Mission of Jesus as the nature of the temptations would have either caused serious harm to Jesus’ physical body or destroyed our trust in Him.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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