The trial of Jesus

Jesus was brought before Pilate with charges which were false and trumped up. The allegations made against Him were preposterous and not even Pilate believed any of these charges.

Jesus, Who was well known in the community was suddenly meant to be a criminal? It did not make any sense. Jesus Who was a pillar of society with good works, miracles and great works among the people was suddenly arrested and brought to trial on false pretences and ridiculous charges?

The case against Jesus failed and was about to be thrown out until Pontius Pilate himself was threatened that if he released Jesus then he was not a friend of Rome. That subtle threat and the fact that Pilate was afraid of his own position allowed him to relent and allowed injustice to reign.

To preserve his own position he allowed an innocent person to be arrested and killed. This is the greatest travesty of justice ever known especially as Jesus was completely sinless and guiltless.

It was a sham trial nothing more.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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