The Resurrection of Jesus

After three days Jesus was apparently seen again by some of His disciples. The details are not very clear but what we know is that Jesus was not recognised by anyone after He had risen. He was not recognised by any of the disciples.

He walked for quite a while on the way to Emmaus with the disciples without them knowing who was talking to them. Now why was this the case? Jesus, for those who knew Him would have been immediately recognisable. He was even now able to get into rooms without opening doors, something He never did before the crucifixion.

The explanation for this is very simple. Jesus appeared to His disciples in a transfigured body. He appeared to them in His finer ethereal body hence the fact that they could not recognise Him at once because now He was in a different body. He was no longer with His physical body.

He was also able to enter into rooms without needing to open doors because His body, now being finer was able to do this.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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