The crucifixion of Jesus

After the sham trial and lies and false witnessing and betrayals, Jesus was led to Golgotha for the crucifixion. Jesus was killed in the way used by the authorities to execute people in those days which was by crucifixion.

After Jesus had yielded His last breath the curtain that concealed the Holy of Holies was torn in two and there were earthquakes and darkness over Golgotha.

Why was this the case? Why was there darkness when it was midday and why were there earthquakes? If the death of Jesus was to be the reconciliation of mankind with God then why these ominous changes in nature?

The answer is simple. The death of Jesus was not sanctioned by God but was a crime committed by humanity against the Son of God.

This was a crime committed by those who envied and hated Him for bringing enlightenment to the common man and to mankind in general. The earthly religious leaders planned this murder and carried it out.

The death of Jesus does not wash away the sins of man but His Word will if adhered to. It is this Word that matters.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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