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The aim of this site is to introduce the events of the life of Jesus Christ the Son of God in a chronological manner. This will help many believers see the Life of the Saviour in a new light.

Introduction to the Life of Jesus

The various events in the life of our Saviour are discussed on this site. We explore in chronological order the events before His birth, after His birth and His upbringing.

We also look at a few events which would have altered the course of His life and as such the course of history. These events are discussed in such a way so that the gaps which have always been characteristic of the contemporary history of the life of Jesus are closed.

If read with an open mind many of our questions will be answered, and we can then give jubilant thanks to God the Father for giving us the opportunity of hearing Him through His Son.

We will forever be grateful to God the Father for sending His Son because without His great Coming and Sacrifice we would all have been lost to the Darkness with eternal damnation as the consequence.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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